Saturday, 8 November 2014

If I provoke you to fight with me what will be your reaction ?

Most Students find difficult to answer such questions when asked in interviews because they never experience such conditions. Such questions may have hidden intentions. 

Possible Intention:

  • To know if you have a spirit to fight.
  • To know you stay firm on your stand or give up easily.
  • To know if you can distinguish between aggressiveness and assertiveness.
  • To know if you can take a stand and have clarity of thinking about it.


  • It is a very crucial quality not to give up easily.
  • If you are sure that your point of view is legitimate, stand for it. You may have to work little extra to convince.

Example Answer:

If the fight is on legitimate issue, i will fight. This means that I will not give up when I am convinced that my approach is correct. I will try to give more information to prove my point and simultaneously be open to positive views.

Anti pattern:

  • Never claim that you are correct all the time and others should change their views.
  • Never leave your politeness while answering because this is still acting and not real situation.
  • Do not loose temper if any such type of hurting question is asked.
  • Do not accept things because interviewer is senior. This shows you are gullible.

Interviewer's Interpretation:

  • Gullible or confused candidates are not good because they can land into trouble while dealing with aggressive clients.
  • Too much aggressive body language and tone indicate defensive nature.
  • Polite, calm and firm response is what interviewer looks for.

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