Monday, 11 July 2016

Tell me 4-5 important things which you will carry if you have to stay below sea for a month.

Possible Intention:

  • To know how creative you are.
  • To know if you get baffled by a bouncer question.


  • Stay calm and use you creativity.
  • Give a disclaimer that you are not expert or have any experience of staying below sea, so you are guessing.
  • What is expected is, some logical guess work and not the right answer.

Example Answer:

Before giving the answer I would have really searched on Google for the kind of environment and gears required to stay below the sea.
Now let me guess, I need to carry following things:
  • Diving gear.
  • Sufficient supply of oxygen.
  • Any medicines needed because of environment change.
  • Food that will be appropriate.
  • Equipment that I will need to survive, for e.g. a knife, pressure meter, compas etc.

Anti Pattern:

  • Do not get baffled.
  • Do not say you may not not be able to answer the question as it is not your area of expertise. Sometime the correctness of the answer is less important than the attempt.

Interviewer's interpretation:

  • Logically good answer indicates your basic thinking is fine.
  • Witty answer would show creativity.
  • Any answer which is not right at least shows that you are willing to encounter problems even if you are not well-versed in it.

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