Sunday, 15 March 2015

Are you willing to sign a bond of one year of employment worth $xxx ?

Possible Intention:

  • To see if you are desperate enough to accept whatever is given to you.
  • To know if you are flexible.
  • To check if you can give formal term commitment for work.


  • Ask if there is any alternative to signing a bond or it is mandatory. Some companies may have a policy of mandatory bond.
  • Take your time to think over; do not give an answer immediately. Ask the details such as tenure, amount to be paid in case you default etc.
  • If the job profile is interesting and you have not had that kind of experience earlier, you can consider it. Think of what benefits you will get for you long term career in lieu of this commitment.
  • If you are fresher, do not miss the opportunity. If you think the experience you will get by working on the project will enhance your skill inventory in some way, accept the offer. Ensure that the commitment specified in bond is not too long.
  • Do not get worried and derail the interview. You can still but time and then give response in a couple of days once the interview is done.
  • If you have any friend working in the same or similar company, discuss with them to find out whether it is worth to give such a commitment.

Example Answer;

I may be willing to consider signing a bond but I have a couple of questions like intention for creation such policy for hiring, details on bond and legal implications. I would also like to know the kind of technologies I would work on, in this period and more about the role. This would help me take a better decision considering my long term aspitations.

Anti Pattern:

  • Do not mention that you are badly in need of a job and so are ready to accept anything.
  • Do not say upfront that you are interested only in a job which does not involve formal commitments like bond.
  • Do not say that you will think about it and get back after some time; they may not have the time to wait for you. Instead, buy specific time limit like a day or two day for responding.

Interviewer's Interpretation:

  • Upfront negative response indicates you are stubborn and do not think enough before taking decision.
  • You shoeing an interest in the job and querying about details shows your willingness and flexibility.

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