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What recruiters look for?

 "How to crack an interview?" (this blog) gives the best way to understand the insights of questions, Interviewer's interpretation and anti patterns. To crack an interview this is important to know that..

What Recruiters look for ?

Before attending an Interview, it is important to know, what Recruiters look for. For you, as a candidate, Recruiters perspective is more important to impress him/her the point of time you meet.  Following are the some qualities, which more attract Recruiters towards you.

Employability Skills :

Employability skills are usually classified into the so called Hard i.e technology/task related and Soft i.e.people and relationship related.
Thus to be employable, for the first-time and on-going basis, we as humans, unlike robots, must become multiskilled along these two dimensions.

Soft Skills: Communication, Attitude, Leadership, Aptitude and personality.
Hard skills: Technology Expertise, Domain Expertise, International Certification, Industry Knowledge Process and Hands-on Experience.

Ability to make difference:

Our ability to make difference depends a lot on how we "present" ourselves - to others and more importantly to out own self. Each individual has distinct persona. Confidence, fine etiquette and manners, working with style and grace play very important role in ones growth.


Leadership is an often used buzz word. It has many definitions. In context to work, leadership is the ability to see clearly what needs to happen, to take a stand to make it happen and to inspire the team to do what it takes to make it happen.

Expertise in Domain:

We need to built expertise in Domain as well as Technology. We are developing applicants or solutions which have to make a different in the real world. Hence an understanding of the domain has to hand in hand with the knowledge of the chosen technology.


A Certification from various technology vendors (Microsoft,IBM etc.) and professional bodies (ISTQB, PMI etc.) is a way in which one can showcase expertise on both, the conceptual and application aspects required at workplace.


No matter how high-tech we get in job searches.. nothing matters now more than a great attitude and greater smile. Some of this gets back to the culture issue, yes. To the recruiter, however attitude is more than that.
Do you approach your work with enthusiasm? Are you passionate about what you'll be doing 40, 50 or 60 hours per weak? Do you solve problems with an approach that combines tenacity with poise? Are you too cool hustle, learn and grow? Are you willing to share what you know, and mentor others?


From the moment they meet you, the recruiter is going to be assessing how you project confidence. Several factors go into assessment.
Do you communicate well (the anxious and unprepared typically exhibit very poor communication skills)? Are you able to engage in conversation? Do you listen - really listen - before attempting to answer the recruiter's questions? Does you "Confidence" ever cross over into arrogance?
Most important: the recruiter want to know if you will earn the respect of your potential colleagues, company managers and executives. And the best way to do that..... is to exude humble confidence.

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