Sunday, 24 August 2014

Preparation for Interview

Preparation for Interview/Performance

Now that you have cleared the hurdle of initial filters like aptitude test, group discussion etc. You have received a call for interview. Lets us see how you prepare for this big day.

Research The Company:

Visit company website to know more on company's clients and business. Read and note down important points like clients, their location(countries), business domain, and technologies.

Practice Interview:

Go through the common question/answer asked in interview. Frame your own answer based on your experience and expertise. Use example answer as guidelines. It is even better if you can practice a mock interview session with your friend.

Enough Rest:

Make sure that you sleep sufficient time in the night before the interview. You would be fresh and energetic in appearance, acting in your advantage.

Dressing For Interview:

Your first appearance would make a long lasting impact and would be decisive in the final selection. Make sure you appear clean, neat and polished.

Employment Portfolio:

Do remember to carry your Employment Portfolio, your own pen.

Reaching The Interview:

Make sure that you arrive at least 15 minutes early at the interview place. Observe the place, make yourself comfortable, take deep breadth and sit. Accept the greeting with a smile and polite manner.

During The Interview:

Many candidates believe that in HR round, the interviewer judges only confidence and communication skills. This is too simple to be true. Way of presentation is as important as correctness of information.
         The interviewer is trying to find out how close you are in terms of attitude, behavior and communication for the superman(best fit job) he is looking for. Lesser the gap, higher the chances of selection.
Give attention the following points while responding the questions.
  • Ensure consistency in your responses.
  • Responses should be mapped to your published resume.
  • Know essential details by heart. e.g. Month and Year of passing various examination.
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Avoid repetitive use of words like- important, basically, typically, normally etc.

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