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Selection Process In Recruitments.

Selection Process

As a candidate seeking a job, the selection process may appear like a race of hurdles where you are to beat other candidates to get job. The selection typically has following stages. The exact numbers and nature of the stages would vary based on the policies of recruiting companies.

Short Listing of Profiles:

It is done to filter out the most suitable candidates since application received by any organization. Often, selection criterion is the candidates with a first class academic record (Graduation, 12th, 10th class). Many candidates are filtered out here. If you have an excellent academic record, you need not to worry about this round.

Written Test (Aptitude, English, Technical):

There are various type of aptitude tests - Verbal, Logical, Numerical and so on. These aptitude tests are designed on the basis of skill requirement of a particular job. For example, quantitative and verbal (English) aptitude are predominant tests for IT jobs. Some times the test papers also contains very basic technical questions about information technology and programming.

Group Discussion:

This round judges your ability to think logically and with the clarity and express your opinion and ideas in front of group. This round may be prove to be difficult for candidates who are a little reserved and shy and can not express their ideas. Excellent communication skill, presentation skill and clarity of thoughts will get you across this hurdle in the race. This is a stage that may not be conducted by every recruiting company.

Technical Interview:

Technology or subject matter knowledge is tested here. The questions asked are related to core discipline you have studied and on your work experience. When you are a fresher, questions are asked to judge your technical understanding and the work you have done so far related to it.

HR Interview:

This is final round. Here, your personality traits, and your behavior is observed. The purpose is to find how well you will adapt to the work environment and company's culture. Interviewer tries to seek answer to questions like Are you fit for the profile you will be assigned to? Will you be able to support the team members and work happily in the environment? Will you cause trouble due to your behavior and attitude? Will you stay for a long time?

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