Monday, 6 July 2015

Do you have offers from other organizations?

These words from HR are most significant from interviewee's perspective. Interviewee's reply may leave a negative impact if not handled carefully. But on the other road it also gives a chance to proof your value to him.

Possible Intention:

  • To know if you actually have offers from any other organization. If you are good, then the interviewer has to close the decision quickly.
  • To know if any other organization has evaluated you and found you to be worthy.
  • To know where recruiting organization is in the list of your preference.


  • Be truthful
  • If you have offers in hand obviously the next question would be which organization you would choose and why.

Example Answer:

I have in 3-4 organizations and have given interviews. I have already one offer at hand and by end of this week, I am expecting another from one more organization. They are in the similar technology space. However, given a chance, I would like to work in your organization considering the kind of growth I can have. Your organization really works on different business domains and different technologies which is very exciting for me.

Anti Pattern:

  • Do not lie to create an impression, it may backfire.
  • Never disclose the name, position etc. if you have offers in hand. This can be useful later when you would negotiate salary.

Interviewer's Interpretation:

  • If you have other offers then you might be a better choice.
  • She/He has to take a quicker decision if you do well in the interview.

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