Saturday, 13 September 2014

Given a chance, which few things would you like to change about you?

Given a chance, which few things would you like to change about you ? This question reveals following intentions..

Possible Intention:

  • To know about if you have been introspective and found some things about you that could have been different, e.g. had you studied consistently well throughout you academic life, you would have had better opportunities earlier.
  • To know that you have courage to admit your mistakes and take them positively.


  • Choose weakness in such a way that it is not seen as big hindrance in your job performance.
  • Also narrate how you are working on improving it.

Example Answer:

I am little impatient when it comes on my work. While learning some technology or creating some program, if it doesn't work quickly according to my expectations then sometimes i get annoyed. This actually increases the time to reach the correct solution. I have realized this and trying to cope up with it. Sometimes still it take over. I would really want to change it so that i do not lose my focus even for some amount of time.

Anti Pattern:

  • Do not say you get angry quite often.
  • Do not demonstrate your aggressiveness while answering such questions.

Interviewer's Interpretations:

  • If weakness is not going to affect the team spirit and the work to be done on the job, it is acceptable.
  • You are aware of weakness and working on improving them. Such candidates are always welcome.

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