Sunday, 21 September 2014

Why should we hire you?

The question Why should we hire you? is mostly in the end of Interview. This may have following intentions..

Possible Intention:

  • To know if you believe that you are better fit for the job in hand.
  • To know how you position your strengths, skills and experience in context of their usefulness for the job.
  • To know if you can really defend and handle such type of questions.


  • This question is asked with the positive intention that you may be a good candidate for the position.
  • You need to know what are the skills and competencies needed to perform the job well.
  • You also need to demonstrate with the example your other relevant skills which make you stand out.
  • When you are fresher for a particular industry, play the card of potential.
  • Confidently answer whether an experienced or a fresher.

Example Answer:

I am B.E./ Bsc with specialization in computer science. I am passionate about programming and information technology. I like to keep track of new technologies like cloud computing, mobile application etc. When I realized during my project/ internship that i am better at finding errors in programs, I started studying software testing and quality assurance in more detail. 
            I completed training in software testing and even completed ISTQB certification. In one of my recent projects, I was responsible for creating test cases. Compatibility testing on multiple browsers and hand-held devices was really challenging. I enjoyed doing information research for various hand-held devices along with an approach of testing them. With all my past experience, my passion for technology and quality assurance, i feel i would be able to carry out my responsibilities really well and deliver the best performance.


  • Do not think that this question has something to do with experience and would be asked only to experienced candidates.
  • This question is not asked with a belief that you are not a good and now you need to prove this to them.
  • Do not take in a negative spirite.

Interviewer's Interpretation:

  • Knowledge of job competencies and skills shows that you are serious and have studied the industry in which you want to make career.


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